I live on the beautiful coastline of New Zealand, where long walks on the beach provide the perfect conditions for dreaming up plots, without the day-dreamer’s hazards of street signs and cars.

One of my earliest memories was my first visit to the public library. I still recall the thrill of seeing so many books in one place – and then being told I could take any of them home. What joy! I chose a picture book about a clever and unconventional caveman who was kind to animals (probably the children’s classic, Stanley, by cartoonist and writer Syd Hoff).

Little has changed, except that I can now reach higher shelves and read longer words (although I still love a good children’s story). Opening a new book and becoming immersed in a story is one of life’s true pleasures, especially if it takes me on a journey through history or across oceans to a world very different to my own. The same urge explains my passion for travel. The photo below was take by my son at Arles in France, during our most recent adventure.

After a lifetime of reading and many years of having a ‘proper job’, I gave in to the irresistible pull of writing and discovered that it was even more fun than reading. My stories are about extraordinary times from the past, and the ordinary women who rise to the occasion with courage, ingenuity, humour and kindness.    

I hope you enjoy my books.


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