Penrose & Pyke Mysteries

Murder in the Devil’s Half Acre

Trouble’s brewing in the Devil’s Half Acre. A death in an alleyway, a tragic accident in a factory, rumours of a murderer loose on the streets. It’s enough to give a genteel lady a fit of the vapours.

Fortunately, Grace Penrose isn’t one to swoon at the sight of blood. All she wants is the chance to become the first woman doctor in the colony. Instead, she is plunged into the harsh reality of the city’s worst sweatshop, where tensions are running as hot as a steam engine.

When the police prove reluctant to investigate the deaths, she turns to a constable who is already up to his neck in trouble. As the clock ticks, Grace Penrose and Constable Charlie Pyke must figure out which deaths are accidents and which are murders, because the next victim might well be one of their own.

Murder Most Melancholy

Penrose & Pyke venture to the edge of madness, when they reunite to investigate two tragic deaths and a family mystery.

Are the last words of a frightened girl the ravings of a lunatic or the key to an old family mystery? Detective Constable Charlie Pyke is desperate to find out. But is he desperate enough to risk the life of his sleuthing partner, medical student Grace Penrose? More to the point, can he stop her?

The answers lie behind the locked doors of a sanitorium for wealthy women of delicate sensibilities, where high walls and dark corridors conceal more than one shocking secret.

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Murder and Mayhem

When an explosion kills a caretaker at the local hall, Grace Penrose is flung head-first into a new mystery. If only her sleuthing partner, Detective Constable Charlie Pyke, hadn’t disappeared from her life, she might find a way to solve the case, while keeping all her limbs intact.

As the rubble settles, the possible motives become ever more entangled. Was the bomb intended to frighten off the suffragists who are advocating for women’s voting rights, or was it meant for another target? With the suffrage campaign gaining momentum, their opponents will stop at nothing to keep their liquor flowing and their womenfolk tending home and hearth.


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