The Daughter’s Promise

The Daughter's Promise cover

The Daughter’s Promise

A Novella

An enthralling tale of revolution, family loyalty, love and survival.

The year is 1830. A young French woman is facing a difficult decision about her future, when the turmoil of the July Revolution overturns her tranquil world.

Her family is called upon to protect a valuable heirloom for an aunt who has been forced into exile, but a powerful enemy puts their lives in danger. To save her family, and fulfil a promise to her mother, she must flee her secluded life and undertake a perilous journey to England.

Outwitting her adversaries will take all of her courage and ingenuity, along with the help of a charming Englishman she meets on the way.

Reader Reviews

***** Absolutely loved The Daughters Promise, and devoured it quickly!

**** I enjoyed this fast paced & very readable story. It provides glimpses into life in nineteenth century France & London, particularly for a young woman on her own. There are moments of drama & suspense but everything works out in the end. Ideal escapist fiction. This novella is the introduction to a series of books & sets the background for what’s to follow. I look forward to reading the next one.

***** I loved this novella. A captivating mix of history, excitement and romance, written with a light touch. Looking forward to reading the next book!  


The story opens on a peaceful farm in the Loire Valley, France, which is one of my favourite places. Picturesque villages, stunning chateaux, pretty countryside, the Loire River, and cave dwellings in the soft limestone rock – plenty to keep a photographer happy for years. Add to that the fascinating history of the area, as a great dividing line within France, fought over by everyone from the Romans to the English, as well as a playground for royalty and the final home of Leonardo da Vinci. The images show the Chateau Royal d’Amboise, a house on the grounds of Chateau du Clos Luce, cave dwellings and the town of Amboise on the Loire River.

The heroine escapes to England aboard a sailing ship, passing the iconic white cliffs on the south-east coast of England and marveling at the size of the Tower of London. The climax features Hyde Park in London.

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