The Daughter’s Promise

A Novella (French Legacy Book 1)

An enthralling tale of revolution, family loyalty, love and survival.

The year is 1830. A young French woman is facing a difficult decision about her future, when the turmoil of the July Revolution overturns her tranquil world.

Her family is called upon to protect a valuable heirloom for an aunt who has been forced into exile, but a powerful enemy puts their lives in danger. To save her family, and fulfil a promise to her mother, she must flee her secluded life and undertake a perilous journey to England.

Outwitting her adversaries will take all of her courage and ingenuity, along with the help of a charming Englishman she meets on the way.

The Widow’s Secret

French Legacy Book 2

A young widow desperate to escape – a past that won’t let her go. A gripping Victorian-era mystery/suspense story set on the high seas.

The year is 1841. Victoria is on the throne, but women are not in control of their own destiny.

Elisabeth Godwin is facing a grim future after the death of her husband. Her brother-in-law is desperate to avoid ruin and determined to remove the threat she poses to him, leaving an escape to the colonies as her only option.

An epic voyage in a crowded sailing ship brings its own challenges, from ferocious storms to social rivalries and single men in want of a wife. But the greatest challenge of all will be figuring out who her enemies are and why they are pursuing her, before it is too late.

Courage and ingenuity alone will not be enough to survive, but who can she trust to help? And who can she trust with her heart?

Invisible child book cover

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Coming early 2021

The Invisible Child

French Legacy Book 3

A powerful dual-time story of revolution and family secrets.

A young girl finds herself at the heart of the French Revolution in 1789, all but invisible to the powerful people around her, yet pivotal to momentous events that will affect her family for generations.

After more than two centuries, the family secret is about to be rediscovered. Two ordinary people from the opposite ends of the world find they each hold part of the key to the puzzle. Together they must solve the mystery, before opposing forces pull them apart.

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