New novel / book festival

First up, apologies for disappearing for so long. I like writing about perilous adventures, but I didn’t expect to be living through one. Well, not exactly perilous, but certainly involving a lot of unexpected effort, ending up in a new home in a different town. The good news is that the third book in the… Continue Reading →

Historic Chateau Tongariro – sleeping on a volcano

On our recent trip to Tongariro National Park, we treated ourselves to a night at an historic New Zealand hotel, as a celebration of a successful final year at school and making it through 2020. The Chateau Tongariro is New Zealand’s only 4-star hotel located in a World Heritage area, tucked at the base of… Continue Reading →

Tongariro National Park – walking on a volcano

Tongariro National Park is a mecca for geologists, tourists, hikers, skiers and Lord of the Rings movie enthusiasts. A picturesque cluster of three large volcanoes and a scattering of smaller cones, geothermal vents, bright green lakes, stunted mountain beech forest and miles of golden and red tussock on a plateau of volcanic debris. About halfway… Continue Reading →

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