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Thanks to kind readers who purchased books in the last month. All profits have now been sent to the NZ Cancer Society, so they can continue their great work in these difficult times.

Fundraiser for Daffodil Day

Please don’t forget to have your free mammogram if you are aged between 45 and 69 and live in New Zealand!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago at a routine screening and consider myself fortunate that it was picked up at a very early stage. Life is back to normal for me, but women are being diagnosed every day and they need our support.

From now until 14 September, I am donating the profit from sales of my novel, ‘The Widow’s Secret’, to the Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day Appeal (28 August 2020), as a small thank you for the support I received from the Cancer Society. The profit on each book sold is about $2.

Having a health scare sure does make you rethink your priorities in life. When I looked at what I most wanted to do, taking time out to write a novel was right up there. Little did I realise just how much I would enjoy writing. Definitely the shiny silver lining on a fleeting dark cloud.

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